Ready for green water treatment? JB Water has joined the green revolution by providing eco-friendly green water treatment systems that homeowners can depend on for reliable water quality improvements while helping to protect our environment by lowering consumption. Our equipment is designed to provide a lifetime of superior performance and worry-free operation suited for your needs and conserving our limited natural resources. Our green systems provide the following benefits over traditional equipment:

  • Water savings of 50 to 75 percent
  • Up to 50 percent lower salt consumption
  • Greater security against harmful contaminants
  • Each component undergoes rigorous third-party testing
  • Made in USA is proudly displayed on all our products
  • All our systems are locally assembled and tested prior to delivery and installation

Green Water Softener

The JB Water green water softener system uses a combination of advanced technologies to give you the full benefits of soft water while typically cutting the amount of water and salt usage up to 50 percent. Our green control valve only regenerates when needed and is pre-programmed to backwash with a minimum amount of water and still handle the hard water typically found in Arizona. Our uniform bead softening ion exchange resin outperforms other resins on the market and results in less water and salt usage.

Green NAC Scale Reduction

JB Water can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to a water softener that does not use any electricity or salt. NAC stands for Nucleation Assisted Crystallization media that transforms dissolved hardness in water into microscopic crystals that pass harmlessly through your plumbing system without leaving deposits of scale in pipes, water heaters, sinks, fixtures or water-using appliances. The NAC process is scientifically tested and certified by third parties, including a study conducted by Arizona State University in 2011. This evaluation of alternatives to domestic ion exchange water softeners by ASU researchers determined that NAC was by far the most effective of all four of the no-salt alternatives evaluated.

The NAC filter media used in the JB Water treatment systems is long lasting, making it virtually maintenance free. The NAC media is contained in a tank similar to a water softener, but because of the up-flow configuration, a control valve is not needed and there is no consumption of water, electricity or salt.

Green Whole House Carbon Filter

A JB Water green whole house carbon filter system uses a combination of patented reticulated KDF sponge technology, coconut shell carbon and our green control valve to remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, disinfection by-products and other manmade chemicals from the water before it enters your home. The green control valve with smart technology and preprogrammed settings keeps the water use during backwash cycles to a minimum.

Green Fusion – Combination Water Softener (or NAC) and Whole House Carbon Filter In One with a UV Light

JB Water has assembled a green fusion package that stacks water softening or NAC scale reduction, whole house carbon filtration into one unit and then adds UV light disinfection for a complete across-the-board green water treatment system that is more economical. Valve smart technology, KDF sponge technology, and other green features are included in this all-inclusive package. Note that the NAC system is configured for up-flow, so no control valve is needed and there is no water consumption for backwashing.

Green Reverse Osmosis with Alkalizer Carbon Filter

The green reverse osmosis (RO) exclusive to JB Water provides the same high-quality drinking water as conventional systems and you save water. While a conventional RO system typically wastes four (4) gallons of water for every gallon of drinking water produced, our green RO system uses advanced technology to reduce the wasted water to 1 to 1.5 gallons, resulting in 65 to 75 percent water savings. In addition, our 5 stage green RO systems have an optional alkalizer carbon filter in the final stage that can be used to raise the pH and add minerals to your purified drinking water. A UV light can also be included in your RO system to disinfect the water by inactivating any harmful pathogens (bacteria and virus).

The water treatment professionals at JB Water look forward to the opportunity to visit your home or business for a free consultation regarding your water treatment needs. We will test your water, listen to your concerns, and present the most viable options for meeting your water use needs.

For additional information regarding our green products, please call us to speak to one of our experts 480-969-3193.

JB Water Green Water Treatment Brochure