sewer lines

If you’re suddenly faced with a nasty (and expensive) sewer issue, wondering who’s actually responsible for sewer line repairs, here’s what you need to know.

Every city has slight differences to this rule but most cities in Arizona, state that homeowners are responsible for any maintenance, repairs or work needed on the sewer lateral lines.

The sewer lateral lines (otherwise known as private laterals) are the part of the sewer line that runs from your house and connects to the sewer main in the street. If you have an area adjacent to your home that your Home Owners Association (HOA) maintains, and that part of your sewer line is damaged due to root growth or other issues, the HOA may be responsible for that section. The city is only responsible for the sewer lines that are not on your property or are part of a right of way or easement.

For example, the City of Phoenix Municipal Code 28-5(a) states that…
The property owner shall be responsible for the cleaning, unstopping, maintenance and repair of the building connection piping serving the owner’s property from the home or building to the public sewer line, except for repair or replacement of damaged or broken piping in the public right-of-way serving a single-family or duplex property.

Knowing this information can help you determine how best to proceed if you have a sewer line issue. Give us a call and we will give you our best recommendations and guide you through the process if it isn’t just a homeowner issue.

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