photo of Robbin Dillon the Chief Financial Officer for JB Water

Robbin Dillon

Chief Financial Officer

Robbin Dillon is the Chief Financial Officer for JB Water and handles the accounting and billing issues. Robbin has been with JB Water since October 2013. She is responsible for all the invoicing and providing the documentation required for City of Mesa projects. She is always available to answer questions and provide additional information as the need arises.

I am a Property Manager and use JB Water for all of my plumbing needs. They provide great customer service and are available whenever I need them. My tenants are typically able to receive same day service which has been fantastic. Their accounting department is spot on and they send pictures along with every invoice. Property Management can be stressful but with using JB Water they have made my life a lot easier!!!
Happy Customer

Robbin Dillon has 25 years experience handling the accounting needs for small businesses. Prior to joining JB Water she spent 20 years as the financial officer and accountant for a landscaping business. She has three lovely daughters and one spectacular grandbaby. Robbin enjoys being with family and putting on a big feed for lots of folks, which they all enjoy. She also enjoys a competitive round of billiards at least weekly.