photo of Missy Serrano, Work Flow Coordinator at JB Water

Missy Serrano

Work Flow Coordinator

Missy Serrano keeps all of us at JB Water where we are supposed to be and when we are supposed to be there. She answers the phone and monitors the company email account to process work orders and schedule the work. She is the primary contact for JB Water during working hours.

Missy has been with JB Water since January 2014 and has really taken hold of her job to the point that we now wonder how we previously ever got along without her. Missy has three boys and three grandchildren. She enjoys being with family-friends and a little known fact about her is that she loves to karaoke.

Excellent response, cooperation, Missy, JD were professional, fair, respectful, and we will have you back, JD, for the final hookup. Thank you, we will spread the word. You’ve got us for our Water needs. You rock JD. Super Pro…

Happy Customer

JB Water has been very good to us. They do all the plumbing at our properties that we manage and do a super job!! I love working with Missy she has always been very attentive and gets things done quickly!!

Satisfied Customer