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  • Are you concerned about having enough water in an emergency?
  • Did you know that clean drinking water is the number one priority in emergency situations? One (1) gallon per person per day is the minimum required for drinking and an additional eight (8) gallons per day is necessary for cooking, personal hygiene and washing.
  • Did you know storing water in large containers has its drawbacks? For safe water the authorities recommend refreshing stored water every six months unless it is commercially bottled.
  • Would you like to have enough water stored to satisfy emergency water needs beyond just drinking water?
  • Would you like the peace of mind knowing that the emergency water stored by your in-line storage tanks is always fresh?
  • Would it be helpful to have stored water available for use throughout your home in an emergency that results in no power and no water?
  • Do limitations of space and the necessity of refreshing supplies present major obstacles to your emergency water preparedness planning?

250 Gallons – 3 in stock

180 Gallon Tank - 39 in stock

180 Gallons – 39 in stock

125 Gallon Tank - 6 in stock

125 Gallons – 6 in stock

Now is your opportunity to check off your box for emergency water preparedness at discount pricing.  JB Water recently acquired the inventory of emergency in-line water storage tanks from an a local dealer at bargain prices and will pass along  substantial savings to our customers. In addition, JB Water will offer whole house emergency water feedback systems that offer the convenience of your stored water available throughout your home in an emergency even with the electric power down.  Below are some of the systems available and pricing:


(Emergency Water needs based on 9 gallons per person per day for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene & washing)


(tank, fittings and valves)


With Professional Install

(within 10 feet of water heater)

Professional Install

(Including whole house emergency feedback system


120 Gallons of In-line Water Storage
Emergency Water for 2 persons for 7 days
24″ by 84″ polyethylene/fiberglass tank

$ 655

$ 1,030


180 Gallons of In-line Water Storage
Emergency Water for 2 persons for 10 days
30″ by 84″ polyethylene/fiberglass tank

$ 745

$ 1,120

$ 1,415

250 Gallons of In-line Water Storage
Emergency Water for 2 persons for 14 days
or 4 persons for 7 days
36″ by 90″ polyethylene/fiberglass tank

$ 985

$ 1,360

$ 1,655

360 Gallon System (two 180 gal. tanks)
of In-line Water Storage
Emergency Water for 4 persons for 10 days
30″ by 84″ polyethylene/fiberglass tanks

$ 1,485

$ 2,085

$ 2,380



Top View of Tank

These tanks are especially made for long-term water storage. The outside shell is fiberglass for strength rated at 150 psi water pressure and the BPA free, food grade Low-Density Polyethylene used as a liner is considered safe with no harmful chemicals.

Typical Installation (1)





The JB Water exclusive emergency pumping system will back feed your stored water, under pressure, to all the plumbing fixtures in your home. The back feed system is activated by simply hooking up the pump to a 12 volt power supply (car battery) and switching several valves.

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