The primary threat to health from waterborne sources comes from pathogenic organisms (protozoa, bacteria, and viruses). A 2006 study estimated that 4 to 12 million cases of gastrointestinal illness annually in the US is due to pathogens in public water systems and more than 800,000 deaths annually are attributed to unsafe water supplies and lack of sanitation and hygiene. Generally, public water systems provide excellent protection from pathogens due to water treatment by sedimentation, filtration, and/or disinfection. Municipal water treatment is similar to the way your swimming pool works: Filter out the “floaties” and suspended matter so the water is clear, and disinfect to protect against harmful bacteria, viruses, and algae. Many pool owners have even switched to salt-based pool disinfection systems to reduce the hazards of chlorination.

Municipal water systems usually (around 99% of the time) do not do anything to remove harmful man-made chemicals or naturally occurring contaminates (arsenic, lead, mercury, etc.) from the water they supply. Typically, municipal treatment introduces contaminates into our drinking water during the disinfection step of treatment. The recent Water Quality Notices by the Town of Gilbert alerted residents to excessive Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) in the water supply, which are disinfection by-products created by chlorination in the treatment process.

The presence of man-made chemicals and residual pharmaceuticals in our water supplies in Arizona is well documented and is evidenced by the numerous groundwater contamination remediation sites located in the valley and around the state. It is important to note that while the EPA regulates over 50 man made organic chemicals, there are more than 100 chemicals on the EPA’s contaminant candidate list that are recognized as harmful, but not currently regulated, which means no municipal water supply facilities are even looking for them.

Not convinced we have a problem with our drinking water? Then consider the facts presented in a 2016 EPA Health Advisory: An estimated 16.5 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with fluorinated organic chemicals (PFOA and PFOS) in specific parts of the US, including the Phoenix Metro area. At concentrations as low as 70 parts per trillion, this may result in adverse health effects (cancer, obesity, hormonal disruption, and immune system impacts). Other than the EPA asking eight major companies to phase out production of these chemicals, nothing has been done to reduce this real threat to our health.

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